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iStreet business model is a fusion of online (eCommerce) and off line retail – can be called Internet Retail.

eCommerce is nothing but a way of direct retailing to an end consumer thru dis-intermediation process. It is just possible with the help of technology. Right now, in India, eCommerce is less than 1% of total Retail but growing at a very fast pace.

iStreet Network runs ‘iStreet Bazaar’ stores with the help of local Mom & Pop stores. These are Internet Retail Stores wherein the customer buys products available online on with the assistance. These customers are common people of India who either have no access of Internet or not inclined to shop online due to inherent risk in online buying like fake products, delayed delivery, no face scenario, poor legal recourse etc.

iStreet in a way, simplifies eCommerce for common people of India.


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