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People often ask us, how “iStreet Bazaar” business model will survive after 10-15 years when internet and smart mobile phones will penetrate deeper and smart users would have increased exponentially.

Connectivity is one of the factors which is overcome by iStreet Bazaar but not the SOLE factor. Even now, only 10% of the Internet population buy products online and the rest of 90% still stay back for various reasons. Neighborhood Mom & Pop shall never be out of business, as they are king of Retail in India.

15 years back, when Modern Retail started emerging in India, business analysts predicted that Mom & Pop stores would disappear soon. However, it didn’t happen. Still 90% of the retail is with Mom & Pop stores in India. The basic structure of the society in India is such that Mom & Pop stores are integral part of the society and the idea of iStreet Bazaar is to empower these Mom & Pop stores in each and every neighborhood area and to collaborate with them to strengthen them.

In the developed nation also, eCommerce has not yet reached beyond 10% of the total share in Retail.


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