Shareholder Help

iStreet Network Ltd. (Old name – Principal Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals Ltd.) is an Internet and Retail Catalogue company listed at Bombay Stock Exchange.

Our business is to ‘simplify eCommerce for common people of India’. We offer, market and sell products thru our neighbourhood stores called ‘iStreet Bazaar’.

‘iStreet Bazaar’ is India’s 1st Internet Retail store, which is taking the benefit of eCommerce to the common people of India. To understand more about iStreet Bazaar, kindly visit – Concept of iStreet Bazaar.

Procedure for Effecting Change in Share Certificate

The name of the Company has been changed from Principal Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals Ltd. to iStreet Network Ltd.

The face value of each equity share has been reduced from Rs.10 to Rs.4.

Those shareholders who holds old share certificate (refer old specimen certificate) you are therefore requested that before proceeding with dematerialisation of these shares kindly print the following stickers on a plain paper, cut and stick the same in the respective boxes sticker for changing name , and sticker for changing face value.

Post this, your share certificate should look like this – share certificate with stickers affixed. You may now proceed with dematerialisation by lodging this share certificate with your depository participants. Kindly note the ISIN of the Company is INE532B01020.