Press Release

FY 2018-19

12th June, 2018
Business Operations in FY17-18

FY 2017-18

16th November, 2017
iStreet Bazaar: Great Internet Retail Concept
12th June, 2017
iStreet declares FY 2016-17 Q4 performance
16th May, 2017
Action taken by the Company on GSM
8th June, 2017
Message from MD to the shareholders for GSM classification

FY 2016-17

15th Feb, 2017
iStreet declares FY 2016-17 Q3 performance
22nd Dec, 2016
iStreet has been featured under SR 2016 – One of the top 30 fastest Companies to watch
17th Nov, 2016
iStreet- Re- Engineering Retail
29th Sep, 2016
iStreet Network : Re-Engineering Retail – Empowering Mom & Pop Stores
27th Sep, 2016
iStreet has been featured among the 10 fastest growing retail Company as per “Insight Success” magazine survey
12th Aug, 2016
iStreet declares FY 2016-17 Q1 performance
28th May, 2016
iStreet declares FY 2015-16 Q4 performance
5th April, 2016
New FDI policy in eCommerce to benefit small businessman of India

FY 2015-16

26th Feb, 2016
iStreet has been featured under SR 2016 – 10 fastest companies in “The Silicon Review”
20th Jan, 2017
iStreet declares Q3 FY16 Performance
24th Dec, 2015
iStreet added a new dimension of Digital Products under the banner “iStreet Bazaar Services”
2nd Dec, 2015
iStreet launches EMI facility for its buyers
28th Oct, 2015
iStreet allots Equity Shares to Non-Promoters
18th Oct, 2015
iStreet Network allots equity shares to the Promoters
12th Oct, 2015
iStreet declares Q2 FY16 Performance
5th Oct, 2015
iStreet not to transfer its Internet Retail business to its Subsidiary
28th Aug, 2015
iStreet Network launches its 2008th Stores
19th Aug, 2015
iStreet Network on momentous growth path
23rd July, 2015
iStreet declares Q1 FY16 performance
1st July, 2015
iStreet Network hits ONE lac transactions in Q1 – FY 16
21st May, 2015
Performance for Q4, FY 2014- 15
30th April, 2015
iStreet Network Limited created subsidiary for expanding its Internet Retail Store business

FY 2014-15

24th Feb, 2015
iStreet Network Limited launches its 1,100th lnternet Retail Store today
27th Jan, 2015
Q3 update – iStreet expands its network of Internet Retail Store by over 200% in Q3
16th Jan, 2015
iStreet Network Limited now Rolls Out eCommerce Stores For Common Man in Rajasthan
1st Dec, 2014
iStreet Network has now over 500 Internet Retail store
14th Nov, 2014
Q2 update – iStreet Network expanding its Internet Retail Store Network
6th Oct, 2014
iStreet Bazaar Stores now in Maharashtra
22nd Jul, 2014
iStreet Network Limited adds ‘Wholesale e-Commerce Opportunity for its Network Partners
8th Apr, 2014
iStreet Network to raise Rs. 100 crores for expanding its Internet Retail Store Network – iStreet Bazaar

FY 2013-14

24th Mar, 2014
iStreet Bazaar Stores – Now Open in Gujarat
30th Jan, 2014
iStreet Bazaar Stores – Unlocking Innovation in Online Retail
18th Dec, 2013
iStreet Network Limited to Roll Out eCommerce Stores For Common Man