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iStreet Network Ltd. (BSE: ISTRNETWK) is India’s 1st Internet Retail Store company. We offer, market and sell products thru our neighbourhood stores – iStreet Bazaar – where every single person of this country can consume and leverage on advantages of technology. Under the brand of iStreet Bazaar, the Company has successfully demonstrated the power of Internet Retail Stores and Network Partners through neighborhood Mom and Pop stores.

We simplify eCommerce for common people of India !

We are a company driven by innovation and aiming for achieving excellence in our endeavour. We are here to build a company which will service at least 1/7th population of the world. We want to simplify the process to consume technology so that millions of people can improve their day to day lives.

We are setting up ‘iStreet Bazaar Internet Retail Stores’, across India to take benefit of eCommerce to common people of smaller towns, villages and even of metro cities. It would give the common man the benefits, comfort and joy of shopping thru the Internet. iStreet Bazaar through it’s world class platform and network stores offers thousands of products and hundreds of brands at extremely competitive prices so that customers in smaller towns and villages can easily buy products which otherwise won’t be available in their area. iStreet Bazaar eliminates payment related issues that arise when transacting online. It also puts a face to the online transaction since the customers will be transacting at a store with a person behind the counter. This increases the level of trust that is necessary during any online purchase. In the Indian scenario this definitely becomes a big advantage for the customers since trust is one of the key factors in the adoption of eCommerce.

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