History / Our Journey

The company started as a small trading firm in 1988. It set up a medium size WHO standard “Specialty Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals” manufacturing company in the year 1994. It performed highly complex chemistry at the plant like Bromination, Nitration, Acylation, Esterification, Reduction, Hydrolysis (Alkali Fusion), Friedel Craft’s Reaction, Grignard Reaction etc.

The company was manufacturing Beta Blockers and Intermediates of ACE Inhibitors at different locations in Gujarat and Maharashtra. The company had approvals/contracts for its facilities and products from large domestic and international firms.

In mid 1998, it promoted India’s first electronic, neutral ‘Chemical Exchange’. A strategic alliance was signed with Price Waterhouse Cooper with equity participation. The exchange has extensive reach to over 4,000 participants globally and over a billion dollar deals were posted on the exchange. It exited B2B Chemical Exchange business in 2002.

In 2014, the company got into B2C eCommerce – Internet Retail and exited Pharmaceutical & Intermediate business. The project is called ‘iStreet Bazaar’.

iStreet Bazaar was selected part of the Alpha Program at the Web Summit 2014 in Dublin – one of the world’s most influential and international technology events. iStreet Bazaar gave a perspective of how common man has consumed and adopted technology for his good.

The Project also got recognition from various organizations and publications like ‘Start up Project of the year 2014’ by Silicon India, ‘10 Fastest Growing Company 2016’ by Silicon Review, ‘Top 30 Fastest Growing Companies 2016 to Watch’ by Silicon Review, ‘10 Fastest Growing Retail Company’ by Insight Success.