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Frequently Answered Questions

People often ask us, how “iStreet Bazaar” business model will survive after 10-15 years when internet and smart mobile phones will penetrate deeper and smart users would have increased exponentially.

Connectivity is one of the factors which is overcome by iStreet Bazaar but not the SOLE factor. Even now, only 10% of the Internet population buy products online and the rest of 90% still stay back for various reasons. Neighborhood Mom & Pop shall never be out of business, as they are king of Retail in India.

15 years back, when Modern Retail started emerging in India, business analysts predicted that Mom & Pop stores would disappear soon. However, it didn’t happen. Still 90% of the retail is with Mom & Pop stores in India. The basic structure of the society in India is such that Mom & Pop stores are integral part of the society and the idea of iStreet Bazaar is to empower these Mom & Pop stores in each and every neighborhood area and to collaborate with them to strengthen them.

In the developed nation also, eCommerce has not yet reached beyond 10% of the total share in Retail.

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The product is delivered to our iStreet Bazaar stores by using courier companies. We work on ‘store pick up’ model where the buyer picks up the delivery from our store. These are neighborhood stores and from where the buyer had booked his order.

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1. New business line
2. ZERO Investments in Inventory
3. ZERO Risk of unsold inventory
4. Thousands of products added to his small store without incurring any investment.
5. Earn thousands of rupees commission on daily basis
and so on…

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The Common people of India – the Consumer.

The one – who is not a technology savvy, who prefers human interaction, who does not have plastic money, who needs some connect (trust) for the transactions but who has huge aspiration to consume the latest and the best of the products benefits the most.

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95% of Indian population has yet not been touched by eCommerce in its present & available avatar and it is largely dependent on its neighborhood Mom & Pop stores for its needs. Inadequate infrastructure like Internet connectivity, non-serviceable pin codes by the existing eCommerce players, online payment and lack of trust in this new face-less system are the major reasons for the same. However, this population, population of common people of India, also has huge aspiration to consume best of products, best of deals, best of services etc. However, for most part of this population, that remains like a project to go the nearest ‘shahar’ and buy. iStreet Bazaar empowers these neighborhood Mom & Pop stores to offer a huge range of products with the help of technology in their neighbourhood area.

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iStreet empowers or converts existing Mom & Pop stores into iStreet Bazaar Store. These stores are run and managed by the respective owners with full support of the company (iStreet) like induction, training and technology etc. iStreet Network signs up these local Mom & Pop stores and call them Network Partner.

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Internet Retail Store is a ‘physical store’ with ‘virtual inventory’. These stores are easy to start. It takes away the limitation of shelf space issue as the retailer can work with unlimited shelf space. It needs ZERO investments in inventory and is has ZERO risk with regard to unsold inventory. Typically, an Internet Retail Store can offer products from clip to car, if he wants to do so.

“iStreet Bazaar” Stores are India’s first Internet Retail Store chain. These stores are neighborhood Mom & Pop stores, where they can offer thousands of products from their small 10×10 ft shop.

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iStreet business model is a fusion of online (eCommerce) and off line retail – can be called Internet Retail.

eCommerce is nothing but a way of direct retailing to an end consumer thru dis-intermediation process. It is just possible with the help of technology. Right now, in India, eCommerce is less than 1% of total Retail but growing at a very fast pace.

iStreet Network runs ‘iStreet Bazaar’ stores with the help of local Mom & Pop stores. These are Internet Retail Stores wherein the customer buys products available online on with the assistance. These customers are common people of India who either have no access of Internet or not inclined to shop online due to inherent risk in online buying like fake products, delayed delivery, no face scenario, poor legal recourse etc.

iStreet in a way, simplifies eCommerce for common people of India.

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